Cafe is located right by the entrance of the Silver Pavilion

Silver Pavilion Gate


Ginkaku-ji Sanmon-mae,

Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 


Hours:  11 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Local Buses:

No. 100,  203, 204 and 102

(Ginkaku-ji Temple Station)



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Welcome to Yotsugi-chaya 

      Favorite cafe not only among tourists but the locals.

Famous Tororo Green-tea Soba

 (Cold buck wheat noodles with powdered green tea)


Green-tea Sticky-rice Dumpling

Our "green-tea buck wheat noodles" are enriched by authentic powdered green-tea used for tea ceremony.  Enjoy our specialty noodles in warm broth in winter. During the summer, the noodles are served with cold broth to dip in.

Our special noodle broth is a blend of  five different kinds of dried bonitos that were selected.  It is complimented by plenty of Sake and locally made light soy sauce to enhance the mild and rich taste. 

Adding Tororo into the broth will bring extra texture and flavor to the noodles.  Tororo is the grated Japanese yam (about 15~20" long and 3" diameter) similar to Taro.  We selected the best Tororo in Japan which made in Tamba (north of Kobe) )


Enjoy a cup of tea with our special Green-tea Dango (sweetened sticky-rice dumpling) after visiting the Silver Pavilion or browsing stores along with the Ginkakuji-road.


Yotsugi-chaya (Yotsugi-cafe) has been serving the local residents and visitors of the Silver Pavilion for nearly 100 years. 
Nowadays, the Ginkakuji-street is busy with many souvenir shops and food stands but up until in the early 70s, Yotsugi-chaya was the only spot where visitors could take a rest after the visit to Silver Temple.   We have maintained the original building structure, which is a popular subject for photos.

Our ancestor, Saemon Yotsugi moved from Kamakura to Kyoto in the 1480s accompanying  the third Ashikaga Shogun as the head of the Domestic Affairs officials.


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